Monday, June 6, 2011

Squid with Jiu Cai

What do you call Jiu Cai in English? Chives? Not quite...leeks? leeks? Ah whatever. This dish combines the sweet leekiness of jiu cai with the slightly sweet umami of baby squid, and gets a spicy kick from pickled red peppers. Hen hao chi!

Recently our friend, Irene, gave us the most wonderful little book of Chinglish, aka funny English translations from actual Chinese signs, books, menus, etc. I'm sorry, you have to know Chinese to appreciate the hilarity. Note to self, certain dishes taste better in Chinese. Which would you rather eat, 夫妻肺片 or Husband and Wife Lung Pieces? Oh sorry, would that be your appetite I see under the sofa - I think you lost it...

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