Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chocolate Banana Matcha Bombe

Moist, tender buttermilk coffee chocolate cake with caramelized banana pastry cream filling, encased in an airy green tea Swiss meringue frosting. Perfect for a rainy Wednesday! We used Ina's chocolate cake recipe and Bobby Flay's caramelized banana cream recipe for the banana cream pie that won him a throwdown. The Swiss meringue frosting is Martha Stewart's, but Martha didn't call the green tea! ;) The filling was a little too sweet, but the chocolate helped. The frosting was very light and matched the cake - the green tea complemented the sweet meringue. Other flavors that would be good to try: lemon, lime, cocoa, hazelnut extract!
What else do you do on a lazy weekday? Prince seems to have figured it out...
1 minute later...
...we thought he was dead.

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