Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf

The rice is infused with a lotus leaf aroma when it is steamed inside the lotus leaf.

We put kabocha (Japanese squash), nagaimo (a delicious white potato-like root vegetable), chopped salted meat, sugar crystals, and zao zi (this sweet dried red berry...I forgot the English name) on top of sticky rice. I think we could've soaked the rice a bit more, as it was a little too chewy in some places. But otherwise, a delightful lotus-leaf infused bundle of yum-yums.


  1. Okay, first we need to understand how to spell 'amature'. It is spelled AMATEUR.

    Secondly, I really, REALLY need to know why I should take my beloved sticky rice and wrap it in 'Lotus Leaf'.

    Since I have been enjoying 'sticky rice' for nearly 67 years now, I have NEVER felt the need to wrap it in a leaf.

  2. Daddy, the lotus leaf adds a wonderful flavor to the rice! It's a bit herbal, a bit smoky/savory.

  3. They look delish!!!
    Yummy! Those are my favorite but I've got to order them specifically since I'm a vegetarian. :( They look GREAT!!