Friday, August 26, 2011

Cake for Breakfast

Ginger Cake, from David Lebovitz's blog. It tastes kind of sharp and molassesy and too gingery the first day, but the spices mellow out and the flavors mature over the next few days and the cake just gets yummier and yummier! We reduced the white sugar by 50% and kept the molasses the same as the original recipe. It was plenty sweet. The orange dots on the plate are made of some sort of orange plum jam, but the jam didn't really match the cake's flavor. The cake tastes best with tangy yogurt, sour cream, creme fraiche, or cream cheese.

It is excellent for breakfast. This is such a balanced breakfast, and I know you will agree. Here's what's on the table (from the left)
1. black beans. simply cooked with no sugar or salt or any nonsense. delicious, my friend.
2. a jar of toasted wheat bran. yes, fiber is the redemption for your misdeeds.
3. ginger cake. mmmm!
4. raspberries and strawberries. healthy, right?
5. Japanese chiffon cheesecake and lemony sponge cake
6. peaches and figs
7. whole wheat flax seed yeast leavened baked bread stuffed with sweet paste (烧饼)
8. pineapples
9. fat free sour cream
10. fat free organic yogurt
11. homemade orange plum jam

We don't spoil ourselves enough. It's a tough life. Just a few more days of this...and it's back to oat bran and soymilk and bananas in the dorm!

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