Sunday, April 3, 2011

Asian 5-Ingredient Fix

I was watching 5 Ingredient Fix by Claire Robinson the other day and she kind of cheated because she made this one steak with 5 ingredients, and then another sauce with 5 ingredients, and slapped the two together. Whoa, if kindergarten serves me correctly I think 5 + 5 equals 10, no? Pretty sneaky there, Claire! Well anyway, a lot of Chinese stir fried vegetables are easily 5 ingredients or less, and very delicious. The above shot is burdock root (gobo) with carrots, and uses dried chilies, oil, salt, and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. The dish below combines garlic, the skinny cousin twice removed of broccolini, oil, and salt. That's like 3 ingredients not counting salt! Trust me, it's so delicious. The inherent sweetness of the veggie really gets to shine in a simple dish like this.

The trick to making it taste good? You gotta make sure your oil is hot and well flavored with garlic before adding the veggies, and then you need to flip the veggies constantly while you cook over high heat to make sure you cook it evenly and distribute salt and oil well. And of course, take it off the heat when it's just bright green and done, not overcooked and yellow and gross.


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