Tuesday, October 13, 2009

wontons and meatballs

We made wontons with ingredients from Whole Foods and Haruki Express. We x6'd the recipe so it came out to be 3 pounds of ground pork and 1 cup of scallions. Enough for 12 ish people to come back for seconds, and then some.

The health freaks in us had to add some savoy cabbage, going against what the recipe said.

Mixing in the scallions

Mixed! (with shrimp)

Some of us were perfectionists.

Bon appetit.

I don't know about you, but just about every time we make wontons we run out of wrappers before we run out of filling. So we made meatballs.


  1. !!! looks delicious

  2. you even get to cook at school? gahh annie i'm so jealous! i can't cook here because theres no kitchen! :(

  3. meatball soup looks so good!
    wantons lined up so cute!

  4. awww hell yeah!
    That was amazing. Thanks you two.

    And Happy birthday btw!!