Thursday, August 13, 2009

baking party + dinner

watermelon shaved ice with beans, honey, bananas, and green tea ice cream

Pictures from today's baking bonanza. : ) Kudos to Vanessa, Irene, and Sharanya for taming a sticky scone batter with bare hands, bringing a divine extra-dark chocolate cookie recipe, and coming up with the genius blueberry-apple combo, respectively.

apple-blueberry pie in the making

viola! oozing blueberry juices bubbling like hot springs

we also made a mini apricot lattice pie from dough scraps

rich scone, made with half and half, and extra dark chocolate cookies with sour cherries and cranberries

stir fried greens and egg drop soup for dinner

we didn't make this; it was from Pizza Hut in China. Each of the knobs is filled with either a shrimp ball or cheese.

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  1. Goodness, that looks amazing. I can't even believe I helped to make the scones and cookies -- they look so ridiculously professional.