Wednesday, December 31, 2008

These are strawberry smoothie glasses garnished with fresh mint from our garden, chocolate shavings, and slices of organic vanilla ice cream sandiwches. Sinfully good - yet good for you!

We made these sushi - two flavors: salmon, avocado, cucumber, and sesame; and veggies with natto (that fermented Japanese sticky soybean goop that taste buds are either engaged to or mortally terrified of)

Who knew a blueberry smoothie could look so elegant? It's really just frozen blueberries and vanilla soymilk, dumped into the Magic Bullet and garnished with more frozen berries and all natural whipped cream. The one on the right is a strawberry, soymilk, kiwi, lemon, celery and probably-another-veggie-I-forgot smoothie.

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  1. omg i love the blueberry thing.

    i bet these are all healthy